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MetaTech's professional services help companies become more agile in how they manage continually changing requirements. We approach each client's unique problems from a shared ownership perspective. Our expert consultants supply innovative technologies to meet the unique needs of our clients. With 16 years of success and experience, we pride ourselves on tackling even the thorniest of problems and delivering elegant solutions to drive business growth. Our brainiacs are a little different because we balance an understanding of people, business, and software integration.


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Business Transformation

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We offer product, project, and program management  through the  full software development lifecycle. From greenfield projects to refactoring legacy code, our practices improve quality, engage stakeholders, reduce time-to-market, mitigate risk, and optimize resource use.

Enterprise Architecture

We help leaders enviseion their organization's future through a reference architeture specification and portal of interconnected models: strategy, organizatin, capability, process, information, application, and technology.



We build proof-of-concept software that establishes demonstrated feasibility for funding rounds and market trials, followed by mature products that scale for rapid growth and are highly available, reusable, reliable, interoperable, and serviceable.

As industry thought leaders in business process management, we help clients analyze existing operations, identify changes, select BPM systems, automate tasks, and measure improvements.

What We Do

What we do

process automation


Case Studies

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A maturing healthcare start-up had launched a software product critical to its long-term success, processing big data streams of medical insurance claims. Their use cases were complex and -- as business models had repeatedly changed mid-stream -- requirements had shifted after the development work was already underway.


Working across marketing, development, quality assurance, and production teams, MetaTech managed the software engineering team, capturing executive vision, hiring engineers, establishing an Agile development lifecycle, guiding architecture/platform decisions, resolving conflict, managing vendors, and leading the project from concept to multiple releases. 


  • The product was successfully launched 8% ahead of schedule and with better-than-predicted market-place adoption, eventually processing more than 1,000,000 transactions annually.

  • Best practices were established for future releases.


MetaTech’s Scrum master and coach helped our team overcome technical and design obstacles, allowing us to deliver a complex product on an aggressive schedule during a critical period in development and launch.” 

– Director of Engineering

Project Management

One of the big 3 auto manufacturers needed to improve its time-to market, concept-to-factory vehicle development lifecycle, a multi-year process used by 9,000 engineers globally. The complexity of organizing 7,000 workflow handoffs and 650 activity types created a detail-burdened system that obscured users ability to find critical path bottlenecks.


MetaTech developed a way to query and filter large, complex processes so that stakeholders could focus on their own areas of responsibility, upstream dependencies and downstream deliverables. We built an enterprise portal for stakeholders with different roles to view and navigate 800,000 model objects and mapped information flows into cloud micro-services, resulting in:


  • Reduced design-to-production-ready time for new vehicle development by 4.76% 

  • Savings of tens of millions of dollars annually.


“MetaTech was instrumental in helping us identify opportunities for improvement buried in complex processes." 

 –  Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architecture

An established quality solutions company had an excellent product which helped medical device manufacturers to remain in compliance with FDA regulations, but their Quality Management System only supported audits of documents. New device CAD models are created by mechanical engineers, who collaborate by sharing and reusing part designs, an iterative editing, reviewing, and aggregation process involving many individuals before approval and manufacture. The existing software product did not support the integrated, computer-aided designs that specified the manufacturing details of medical devices, thus was unusable to a large market share of potential users.


MetaTech developed custom software to integrate CAD tools such as Pro/Engineer into the QMS product, coding in C#/.NET and Java. Augmented code features enabled the company to capture an entirely new market share, by offering mechanical engineers worldwide the ability to collaborate on version-controlled, auditable CAD models of medical equipment. This resulted in:


  • Market share increased by 23% due to an expanded customer base. 


"MetaTech structured and organized  our design and delivered excellent consultancy services that really helped us to grow."

-- Senior Director of Engineering

Software Development

MetaTech helped a credit-card processor serving 1,800 credit unions operating multiple  call centers with large fraud departments.  Case management was archaic and manually intensive, creating costly, inefficient workflows.


MetaTech's business process improvement solution assessed weaknesses, designed an innovative workflow solution, built the required tailored software, and guided implementation. These process improvements:


  • Reduced call center costs by 17%

  • Increased agents' productivity by 21% 

  • Allowed claims to be processed on average 11% faster.


MetaTech’s insights and contributions were invaluable to helping us complete this project.”  

– VP of Process Excellence.

Process Automation

Case Studies


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Ford Motor Co.
JPMorgan Chase
Department of Homeland Security
Pilgrim Software 
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